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Our Professional Painting Services

Paint has a remarkable way of changing the look of anything. A fresh coat of paint on your kitchen cabinets can turn an outdated kitchen to a modern kitchen. Painting an exterior brick wall can bring life to a worn out edifice in no time. Anyone can watch a video, grab a brush and start painting. But when painting is done by expert professional painters such as North Painting Solutions, then the right materials are used and the appropriate preparation is done without shortcuts. Moreover, the paint job is completed in a timely manner and there is evident consistency in quality and attention to detail with every coat of paint applied. Because of this, the desired result is outstanding. It is a paint job with a beautiful clean finish that both you and your guests will admire. North Painting Solutions is your paint company of choice. Whether it is interior painting or exterior painting, we have the professional skills and experience to tackle every painting project you have in mind.

Tired of those popcorn ceilings? No worries. We at North Painting Solutions can remove those outdated popcorn ceilings with your safety in mind. After popcorn ceiling removal, we can refinish your ceilings with a different texture and apply the paint that you have chosen. There are several types of textures available such as knockdown, smooth or orange peel texture. If you do not know which texture works best, our professional painters can give you advice to help you make that decision. 

Does your exterior brick look old and tired? Does your home have rotted wood sidings? We know how important first impressions are and the exterior of your home is the first thing that guests see when they come visit you. North Painting Solutions has the right solutions to those unsightly exterior home issues.

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We offer professional power washing, brick painting, siding repairs and siding replacements. And after those home repairs are completed, our professional painters can apply fresh coats of paint to bring the exterior of your home back to life.

We at North Painting Solutions are here for you. Because we know every customer is unique, we will take the time to listen to what exactly the customer wants and provide the necessary professional advice and skills to make your dream interior painting project or exterior painting project possible. No matter the size of painting project you have in mind, North Painting Solutions is committed to deliver every painting project with a seamless finish.  Call us today at 972-375-6178 for a free estimate!

What Will I Expect in a Painting Job?



Proper preparation takes the longest to do but matters so much in making a paint job look its best. After the work area is cleared, it is covered and sectioned off. Any areas that are not going to be painted has to be meticulously taped and covered as well. Cleaning, caulking and sanding will then come next. This is to ensure a smooth finish.



After the area is caulked and sanded, it is cleaned then primed. Once the primer dries, we will then apply the high quality paint you have chosen with our painting skills and expertise. Paint can be applied either by spray painting or by brush and roll painting. How long the painting process takes will depend on the number of rooms and the size of the rooms that need to be painted.




After we are done painting, we will sweep, vacuum, and take out all the trash. We will remove the covers that protected the rest of your home and move things back to where we found them.


Inspection and "Wow" Moment

Once we are done painting and cleaning, we will have you inspect the painting job we completed. If you find anything concerning, we will immediately address it because our goal is to deliver the best “wow” moment when you finally see the paint job done and you are highly satisfied.


What do I need to do to prepare my home for a painting job?

We at North Painting Solutions will work with you as to when the best time for every painting job is to be completed. Avoiding rainy days or days of high humidity will help the paint dry properly. If there are project delays due to weather, rest assured that we will communicate with you regularly so we can agree as to when we can get the painting job started. As we partner with you in your upcoming paint projects, there are certain things that you can do to prepare your home.

To be able to complete the painting job in a timely manner, we request if possible, that you remove anything that is hanging on the walls that are going to be painted. If we are to paint cabinets, then it is best to empty them out of items. If there are pieces of furniture to be moved, please remove any breakable items on top of them so that the furniture can be moved quickly. Any valuable items are advised to be kept out of the work area. If you have any pets, it is best to keep them away from the areas of your house that are being painted. If we are painting the exterior of your house, please ensure that sprinklers are turned off for the time being, so that the exterior paint will be allowed to dry well.  We at North Painting Solutions want to protect your home and your valuables and will do what is necessary to cover off the designated work areas. After the painting job is done, we will return your items where we found them and ensure to sweep, vacuum, and take out the trash, so your home will be left nice and clean. These simple steps you take as a homeowner, can make a world of difference so that we can start and finish the painting job efficiently.

Expert Drywall Repairs
Seamless Tape, Bed, Texture and Paint

Professional Expert Painting Contractor Services Near You

As a remodeling company, North Painting Solutions takes pride in offering drywall repairs, tape, bed, texture and quality paint services.

North Painting Solutions use only the highest quality materials and are committed to complete the work with excellence. Drywall that has been water damaged, if not addressed immediately, can cause mold to start setting in your walls. Any presence of mold and softening of the drywall further causes loss of integrity of your home. Therefore, any drywall damage, drywall dents, cracks or holes are advised to be done by experienced drywall contractors and technicians in the field. When a drywall is professionally repaired by North Painting Solutions, then you can expect a smooth transition on your existing wall — one that matches the existing texture and paint. 

On the other hand, if your drywall is not in need of repair but just needs to be painted to update an interior look, North Painting Solutions is here to make your home or commercial project happen without the stress of having to figure out the process behind it.

The Drywall contractors at North Painting Solutions value your property so we make sure to properly prep our work area and clean up at the end of the day. Our goal is to provide great customer service and satisfaction. Call North Painting Solutions today at 972-375-6178 for a free estimate and let us help get you started on your next drywall project.

Professional Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Services

A full Kitchen Remodel or a complete Bathroom Remodel could be a daunting project to undertake on your own. Doing a kitchen remodel and a bathroom remodel takes a lot of planning, designing, plumbing, choosing the right materials that can handle heat and humidity, choosing quality paint to use, selecting colors that will complement the rest of your house, keeping up with time frames, and preparing and cleaning up areas. On top of that, there must be a flawless execution of the remodel project itself from demolition of existing tiles to installing new flooring, tiles, backsplash, cabinets, painting, and so much more. North Painting Solutions are expert remodelers with years of experience and we are ready to take the stress out of your hands in completing a remodeling project from start to finish. The Kitchen is known as the heart of every home. We at North Painting Solutions understand that this is where family and friends gather and where home cooked meals are prepared. The bathroom on the other hand, is meant to be a place of rest and relaxation, that is not only enjoyed by every homeowner but also every guest who will enter and use it. Any updates on your kitchen and bathroom will enhance the appearance and functionality of these areas and increase the value of your home.

We at North Painting Solutions will work with you in what design, colors, and specific paint and materials you would like us to use. If you are not familiar with what is available in the market or where to even start with your home remodel, no problem. We at North Painting Solutions will provide you that information and give you our expert advice on what will be most efficient for your desired budget remodel and design. So you do not have to spend countless hours trying to figure out every single detail of your home remodel project.

North Painting Solutions is your expert choice for remodeling!

North Painting Solutions are professional remodelers, painters, and tile installers with 20 years of experience in the industry. So you can rest assured that there will be no short cuts in the whole remodeling process and the execution of the remodeling project. North Painting Solutions takes pride in a quality finished project, that is why our customers keep referring us to their friends and keep hiring us back to do their other home remodeling projects as they come up. Customer satisfaction is our goal in every kitchen remodel and every bathroom remodel. Call North Painting Solutions today at 972-375-6178 to find out all the available services we provide and we will send one of our professional remodelers to give you a free estimate.

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